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New site design

After trying three design studio's, a rather small budget, and one week to open, Zayna Furniture gave us a call.  Today the owners are enjoying their store front and second to none customer service.
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Affiliate Program
Earn 15% commission from
every referral that leads to a
sale.  On average, affiliates
receive around $150 for their referrals.  This is a good way to supplement your income.

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Web Applications

Project Management
Job Recruitment
Car Sales
Content Management
Shopping Cart
  If you are interested in any of the above web applications or  custom ASP applications, send us and email. click here
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What we offer  


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E-mail: admin_2@sysron.com 
     Fax: 801-346-1150

A few items in our portfolio: - More sites

Centurion Ministry
Centurion Ministry
Database driven, site search, contact forms, subscription program, shopping cart, java and asp script.  Over 900 pages 20,000 hits per month.

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Zayna's Furniture
Zayna's Furniture
ASP shopping cart that is loaded with features.  Credit card encryption, browser administration, image uploading, size-style-color, etc.

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KM Consulting
KM Consulting
Medical management site that sports a document management database in the members area.  Completely self managed.

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